I'm fortunate to have so many of you reach out to me with career related questions and requests. I love taking these calls because I used to make them (and still do). I know they can be informative at the least and transformative at best.

For my time, all I ask is a donation of $50 to Planned Parenthood ($30 for students). Planned Parenthood was there for me throughout my early twenties – making certain resources accessible and affordable to me when I was just living my best life, broke, and couldn't justify shelling out $75 for Plan B – which contributed tremendously to who/where I am today. (Protip: You can purchase emergency contraceptives at Planned Parenthood for $35, that's a 42% markdown compared to drugstore prices!)

Get in touch with a screenshot of your donation to PP and I’ll be more than happy to schedule a career chat! As my mentor always says — pay it forward.


💌 – lizunakim@gmail.com